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Metal Drum Organically Grown Coffee

Metal Drum Coffee is produced in Chiangmai, in Northern Thailand, by the Karen hill tribe villagers.

Premium Arabica coffee is grown at the altitude of approximately 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) above sea level; under strict provision of organic standards under shaded trees that produce the best quality beans, which give a better taste with rich intense flavour. This also encourages the Karen hill tribe to grow trees shading the coffee plants thus, preserving the forest and the natural environment while being ecologically friendly.

The Metal Drum coffee project was started to provide the Karen hill tribes with a means of making a living, so that they could send their children down to the towns, to be educated.

Coffee seedlings are brought up to the mountains. The Karen people are taught how to plant, nurture organically and harvest the coffee berries by hand. The beans are then wet processed, so as to achieve higher quality beans. These beans are then brought down to Chiangmai town and roasted, upon order. What is emphasized is the quality of the product and the natural aroma. Beans, free from chemicals and pesticides. Safe for the consumer as well as the planters. This gives a long term sustainable occupation for the village farmers and preserves and protects the forest and environment. Every cup of Metal Drum Coffee consumed, helps to preserve the forest and helps disadvantaged children in Northern Thailand to receive an education.